The Bahamian judicial system is based on English common law. Actions are brought on the criminal side or the civil side before either the Magistrates Court or the Supreme Court, with recourse to the local Court of Appeal. The highest appeal is to the Privy Council in London, for which special permission must be granted.

AKC offers a broad range of services in civil litigation in the areas of banking, insolvency, insurance, maritime, labour, family law, as well as negligence and personal injury claims.

Terry North and Luther McDonald, KC head the litigation practice of the firm, and represent some of the leading commercial banks and insurance companies in the Bahamas. Our litigation team is qualified to appear in all courts in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

The following are some examples of our representation:

  • Ongoing representation of a leading insurance company in claims brought by policy holders
  • Representing lending institutions in contested debt recovery, mortgage repossession cases, and advising on pre-emptive remedies
  • Corporate insolvency and liquidations
  • Appearing before the Industrial Tribunal on behalf of employers / employees
  • Negotiating and litigating maritime claims, obtaining or challenging ship arrests; exercising maritime liens on cargo to secure freight or demurrage claims
  • Family law matters including dissolution of marriage and settlement negotiation
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments, obtaining evidence in the Bahamas for foreign proceedings and service of foreign process in The Bahamas
  • Negligence and personal injury matters

We foster strong relationships with our clients with an emphasis on confidentiality and trust, which is essential during the adversarial experience of litigation.